Baby-led Attachment

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Baby Led Attachment

Have you ever tried baby-led attachment? This video shows you how to use baby-led attachment when breastfeeding. A lactation consultant suggests trying when your baby is relaxed and having skin-to-skin contact to help baby find your breast. Some mums say that using baby-led attachment gave them more confidence and helped them overcome breastfeeding problems. Find out more about baby led attachment and other breastfeeding positions here: video shows a baby finding the breast by herself, attaching and starting to feed. This content was produced in collaboration with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA). Raising Children Network thanks Renee Kam, ABA breastfeeding counsellor and private lactation consultant, Yasna Blandin de Chalain, maternal and child health nurse and counsellor, and Simone Casey, ABA breastfeeding counsellor and private lactation consultant. Sourced from the Raising Children website, Australia's trusted parenting website. For more parenting information, visit

Posted by Australian Breastfeeding Association on Thursday, 28 June 2018