Options of care

Midwives Care is a Private Midwifery clinic owned and operated by an Endorsed Private Practice Midwife and Lactation consultant. From the moment you find out you are expecting, or anytime during your pregnancy, you can take advantage of our services. We can simplify your journey be ordering your pathology and ultrasounds from our clinic. We believe having your own Midwife walk alongside you in your pregnancy and postnatal period is the gold standard of care.

Shared care

We offer Shared Care with your Midwife throughout your pregnancy and postnatally until bub is 7 weeks old.

antenatal education

We offer antenatal classes privately for families or groups. We offer specialised pregnancy classes to meet individual needs. We offer flexible classes for first time parents as well as specific classes, including vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). We have small group sizes to encourage more participation and group activities. This allows for more questions and sharing of own experiences or needs.

Postnatal Care

We offer postnatal services to families after the birth of their babies to offer specialised one on one care in our clinic or in your home.

Lactation consultancy

We offer Lactation services to families before and after the birth of their babies.  Prior to your birth we will help you create a plan and empower you in your  breastfeeding beginnings.  Postnatally, we will continue to  support your journey of breastfeeding and newborn care.